New Restaurant To Be: Calexico – A Brooklyn Life

My sadness at Schnack’s passing has lessened considerably since walking past its former storefront on Union Street. That’s because, as you can see in the photo, in its place will be Calexico, gourmet Mexican street food. I’ve pretty been waiting my whole Brooklyn life (six years and counting) for a decent Mexican place to open up in this ‘hood, and I have high hopes for Calexico. Those hopes aren’t merely wet dreams, though, they are based on the Calexico owners’ other venture, which is the taco cart in Soho. I’ve had a few of the cart’s tacos, and if the food at the new space are anything like them, they are worth walking across the BQE for. I might also hope (while I’m asking God for favors) that they will have a liquor license and serve delicious margaritas. Also, I would like to win a million dollars in tomorrow’s lottery … o wait, where was I? Tacos. In Carroll Gardens. Yes.
Apparently this sign at 122 Union Street has been up for a while (Lost City even got to sample from the cart), butI figured if I didn’t know about it, there just might be a few more Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill residents who were equally clueless.