Marco Polo 25th Anniversary Specials – A Brooklyn Life

I have a little confession: I’ve never been inside Carroll Garden’s Marco Polo. It seems a bit impenetrable with its valet parking and old-schoolers congregating for cocktails and dinner. But this I know: The Italians of Carroll Gardens wouldn’t have kept it in business for 25 years unless it served up some tasty Italian food. And now I have an excuse to go–the restaurant is serving a three-course $19.83 lunch, in honor of the year it opened, and a three-course $25 dinner, in honor of its anniversary. The special lasts throughout the summer and includes dishes such as house-made pasta with spicy cured anduja sausage and guanciale, grilled octopus, a prosciutto and mozzarella stuffed pork chop. Anybody want a lunch date with ABL?
And if you’re not in the mood for fancy Italian, I can heartily recommend Marco Polo’s pizza annex. The sausage, onion and broccoli rabe pizza is just about the perfect combo.
Marco Polo’s sausage, onion and broccoli rabe surpassed my favorite broccoli rabe and sausage slice at Sal’s
Marco Polo gets by simply on its reputation I think. I was totally unimpressed by the food – wouldn’t be surprised if it was all dried pasta from a box and jars of prego. I ordered the lobster ravioli and was shocked when the ravioli stuffing was mashed potatoes! I mentioned to the waiter that my dish in no way tasted like lobster, but rather potato he said that’s the way they make it – the lobster is finely pureed and mixed in with potato. no apology, no nothing. so if you like pierogies covered in marinara sauce, Marco Polo is the place to go!