Eton’s Amazing Dumplings – A Brooklyn Life

Eton is a neighborhood restaurant that snuck right by me. When I first saw the awning on Sackett Street at Henry, I assumed overpriced boutique and went on my way. But oh how wrong I was.
No boutique, Eton is a dumpling shack that is serving up five fresh, hot dumplings per order–in a variety of flavors–for a mere $3.50. Did I mention these dumplings are huge? And tasty? And that the restaurant is open until 11:30pm? It’s like I’ve died and gone to a more accessible version of Chinatown.
Yes, there’s a bit of a wait for the fresh dumplings, but you can watch the skins being rolled out to pass the time. And, yes, the decor leaves a bit to be desired–do not lean onto the wall separating the entryway from the counter, it will violently wobble and threaten collapse. But there’s a lot of love that goes into a neighborhood joint like this, and it shows in the customer-service details. On the day that I stopped by, the guy at the counter mixed me a to-go cup of sriracha and ginger-infused black vinegar that will be my go-to dumpling dipping sauce for some time to come.
I have yet to try Eton’s other offering, shave ice, mostly because I’m so devoted to Court Street Pastry’s ices, I hate to cheat, but the sheer number of flavors–and number of people walking out with colorful cone in hand–speak to Eton’s popularity in the shave ice department as well.