Columbia Street’s New Religious Icons Store – A Brooklyn Life

Columbia Street businesses seem to have a tough time hanging on in Carroll Gardens West. The lack of weekday foot traffic, combined with the ongoing street renovations, do not make Columbia Street the next Smith Street. Still, I’ve heard store rent isn’t cheap. And that could explain why businesses close in the area more often than they open. So, I can’t say I really understand the presence (or economic viability) of this new religious icons store, Botanica El Phoenix, at Union and Columbia streets.
Though an equal opportunity religious icons store (saw a few Buddhas), most of the stock seems centered on Latin American Catholic imagry, plus a healthy dose of mysticism. So next to your more traditional rows of Jesus and Mary icons and Catholic prayer candles, there’s a whole shelf devoted to a variety of oils that ward away evil and the like. I checked it out on Saturday and then came back for some photos on Sunday (when it was closed, naturally).
Anyway, if you’re looking for any religious icons, Columbia Street has your one-stop shop.