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We’ve been so busy promoting our DJ night, Suspiria, we haven’t had much time to make mixes for the podcast. Thankfully Carrie sent me this one our way other day. I’ve been listening to it ever since.
As always, Carrie has pulled together a nice menagerie of tunes. My favorite is the Midnight Juggernauts track “Into the Galaxy” right at the end. Nice touch!
Carrie’s next appearance at Suspiria is May 25th.
Dynamic Tension – Mixed by Carrie White[noise]
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Back in the 90’s when I helped to throw a few parties here and there, we always picked someone to be the PPH (Peak Party Hours) DJ. This person had the distinction of having the highest energy level.
On March 28th, ABL:Radio DJs are starting a new local night at club Deity on Atlantic Ave. I’m hoping Ladycréme will be the PPH DJ since they always want to make me get up and throw my hands in the air like I’ve won the lotto.
This latest mix is more on the disco tip than you usually expect from these guys, but I guarantee it’s every bit as good if not better as some of their others. It was originally set-up as a DJ exchange with our comrades over in Bologna, Italy (DJ Omnidrive and associates), and we should be getting a mix from them soon.
Enjoy, and come check out our new night “Suspiria” at Deity!
Move Overload – Mixed by Ladycréme
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And now for something completely different.
For this week’s podcast we have a spacey, psychedelic, shoe-gazer mix by Eric Shans. Eric was previously on ABL:Radio as Phenotract. You can occasionally catch Eric playing Brit-pop tunes on Wednesdays over at Abilene Bar on Court Street.
A Snow Flake Falls In Brooklyn – Mixed by Eric Shans
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Photo by Turbojoe, remixed by Luz.
Not content with sitting on the sidelines after 88 episodes, I’ve finally decided to produce my own mix for ABL:Radio. I’m following in the footsteps of many great DJs who’ve graced our blog, hopefully this comes close to the magnificence they’ve brought us.
This mix should take you on a dreamy 80-minute interplanetary journey though disco, techno, and other far-out jams. I’ve thrown in a one of my favorite records from a previous DJ life near the end of the mix. Enjoy and happy Valentine’s Day!
Dionysus And The Pleiades – Mixed by Dennis
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Originally posted by our comrades over at Attitude City
Something of a slightly different flavor, like adding Carolans Irish Cream to your Sunday morning coffee instead of regular cream, the Attitude City boys of Montreal have assembled a collection of feet-warming tunes to cure your winter blues. Filled with the hot-chocolate sweet melodies and snow-crystal clear production skills of the contemporary masters, “Repercussions” is sure to add that certain extra something to your winter driving, warm-house-rocking, or snow-frosted walking excursions.
Repercussions – Mixed by Davey Lähteenmaa
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Tal, making his second appearance on this podcast, has returned with another fabulously eccentric mélange of classic techno beats, IDM, and other treats. This one will be sure to hold your interests throughout.
While this may only be his second podcast mix, he had been DJing monthly with the rest of the ABL gang over at our now defunct Skylab party. Don’t worry though, if you’re itching to hear him out somewhere, we’re working on another venue closer to Carroll Gardens / Park Slope area.
Dusty Hofmann – Mixed by Tal
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While the podcast has been on an extended vacation, the DJs have been hard at work. We two hard rockin’, disco rompin’ Ladycreme mixes for your enjoyment this week. The second one will follow later in another post, plus I have a few more in the works.
This Saturday will be the last Skylab event at Sputnik Bar. Ladycreme will be DJing alongside Dekker. It’s sad to see the event end a year of ups and downs, but we had a great time. I’m currently looking for a bar in the Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Park Slope area which might be interested in hosting a DJ night.
Cosmetic Surgery – Mixed by Ladycreme
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For this week’s podcast, we have some new blood. Mike McGill and his cohort Bennett4$Senate are Brooklyn denizens with a taste for vintage records familiar to most ABL:Radio listeners. While you’re listening, you should go check out their blogs over at http://fffff.at and http://letsgetserious.net. Keep an eye out of them around town and see what they have to say for themselves (below).
Local Brooklyn neighbors unleash their 808/909 records and see if they play nice… Mixed live on a Sunday afternoon by Bennett4$enate and Mike McGill. Boogie, disco, r&b, electro and freestyle jams, dedicated to your mama. 100% bump, low carbs and a few white boys, sleazy synthesizers and packed dancefloors. Body2Body2Africa and back to the space station; anticipation, triumph, lessons learned.
Bennett4$enate feeds electro, hip-hop, & soul to the dirty, hungry masses. Simultaneously reppin’ the far reaches of the internet & all points Brooklyn, B4$ is a fully-functioning, fast action DJ, giving nods to day-glo, full-on track suits in 100 degree weather, and analogue synthesizers.
Mike McGill is a self-proclaimed Disconaut, and the host of “A Downtown Affair” – an exploration into the the sounds of yesteryear, and everything disco, boogie, funk and soul. You can catch him live on 89.1FM in NYC & wnyu.org worldwide on Friday nights at 10:30pm.
Jump-Off Street Beat Mixtape – Mixed by Bennett4 + Mike McGill
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Adam has been busy doing his Dad duties so we haven’t been blessed with a mix from him in a while. Out of the blue he dropped this nice little techy house mix on us. Guess he can’t be kept from his DJ passions for too long. We have all our bases cover here with everything from LFO, Villalobos, Janet Jackson to Swayzak to name a few. Have a great holiday, we’re off to London for the weekend so we won’t be posting much. Cheers!
Adamz Holyday Tofurky Miks – Mixed by Adam Smith
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For this week’s podcast we’re bringing you some talent straight out of Carroll Gardens. We met Eric Shans of Phenotract at a party thrown by Rich Woods over in Clinton Hill and we’ve been bumping into him around the ‘hood ever since. He and his roommate are frequent Wednesday DJs over at Abilene. Eric described his project to us a while back and it sounded intriguing, so we thought we’d give their sophomore album “Transient Messages” a listen. You’ll find it as throw back to mysterious synth driven pop of the mid to late 80’s (Somewhere between Erasure, New Order , and early Front Line Assembly maybe?). The mix is a selection of 3 tracks out of 11. If you like what you hear, go buy the album over at CDBaby (www.cdbaby.com/cd/phenotract2)
Transient Messages – Performed by Phenotract
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Brooklyn, NY based electronic act Phenotract was started in 1999 with electronic sounds, textures, and rhythms to create synthetic workouts geared for both the dancefloor and the mind. Since it’s inception, he has drawn influences from both older and newer house,electronica, trance, and industrial to create a lasting impressions on the listener.
After a series of demos, the first album release was “Within A Second” in 2003. It combined hard tech dance floor tracks, periods of chilled out moments, and an overall atmospheric haze that permeated throughout. It was described as a dreamy otherwordly album that digitally cataloged the human condition. Isaac Glendening of the Philadelphia trance-pop act Cesium 137 helped produce a fair portion of it.
As the project’s sound grew and time passed, the tracks morphed into more formidable structures, which have become more melody laden and now carry an even more distinct sound and groove. Now released in October of 2007 ,”Transient Messages” brought aboard the Brooklyn based female vocalist Niabi Caldwell who adds an angelic, ethereal quality to the mix. Boasting futuristic synths, deeply effected voices, driving beats, and an imaginary soundtrack like quality, the new sound is descibed as “neo-pop”. Phenotract will continue to attempt to keep evolving it’s sonic aesthetic